PDCs for Continuing Education

Receive CEUs/contact hours to earn or maintain your OESH certifications via  self-paced PDCs.

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Available courses

Construction Safety PDC

Improve your ability to recognize and address potential construction safety hazards.
  • Instructor: William_BowenEHS

Continuing Ed Package

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EHS Training PDC

Learn the skills required to create and implement high-quality environmental health and safety training.
  • Instructor: Tony_BowenEHS

Emergency Management PDC

Review information and best practices to improve your ability to prepare for and respond to potential emergencies.
  • Instructor: William_BowenEHS

Ethics Collection

Review the ethical behaviors OESH professionals are expected to know and follow. Explore new ethical challenges you may face as an EHS professional due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laser Safety PDC

Learn to recognize laser-related hazards and identify potential controls.
  • Instructor: William_BowenEHS

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Collection

Recognize the importance and process of managing hazardous waste to the RCRA standard.

Substances Collection

Humans have used and been exposed to dangerous substances since the start of civilization. Consider the history, health impacts, restrictions on and current uses of asbestos, dioxin and lead.

Toxicology - The Science of Safety

Improve your ability to identify, evaluate, and understand toxicological information.
  • Instructor: William_BowenEHS